This Saturday: Action against Cheng and his discriminatory speech against ‘porn stars’

If ‘porn stars’ can’t be chief-executive candidates, then wouldn’t it be fair if ‘porn watchers’ also couldn’t become candidates! Double standard! (For more information, see:

The Hong Kong Women’s Coalition on Equal Opportunities is organising a demonstration for this Saturday, against Cheng Yiu Tong and his discriminatory speech against ‘porn stars’. Please join and show your support!

「抗議鄭耀棠歧視艷星行動」 日期:2013年7月27日(六) 時間:上午10:30 地點:金鐘海富中心KFC 聯絡人:63957171(家儀)/64476329(家齊)

Time: 27.7 (sat) 10:30 am. Meet up: KFC Admiralty. Contact. Ka Yee 63957171 and Ka Chi 64476329

Hong Kong Security Chief suggests that women do not ‘drink too much’ in order to avoid being raped

Lai Tung-Kwok’s comments have gone global as an example of officials blaming victims. Our official take on this, as given in a statement to AFP by Angie, is that: “Secretary Lai’s statement reveals how pervasive rape myths are in the government and society at large. The fact that rapists are acquainted with victims is nothing new to those carrying out research in this field, fighting sexual violence and/or working with victims. The construction of rapists as deranged, sex-starved strangers who attack women in dark alleyways is just a rape myth used to invoke fear in women and control our bodies. Another rape myth illustrated by his comments is that victims bring rape on themselves; in reality, rapists are the ones who choose to rape and hence cause it. There needs to be a shift away from blaming victims and trying to control women to questioning why society does not do more to prevent people from raping others and supporting victims.”

For a link to the original article posted by Noreen Mir on our Facebook page as well as a photo shared by PassionTimes comparing blaming victims for ‘drinking too much’ to wearing ‘sexy clothing’, please continue reading!

Photo posted on SWHK's FB page by Noreen Mir.

Photo posted on SWHK’s FB page by Noreen Mir.


Photo shared publicly on FB by Passiontimes.

Photo shared publicly on FB by Passiontimes.

In Solidarity with Jane Doe of Steubenville

SlutWalk Hong Kong and stand in solidarity with Jane Doe of Steubenville and all victims of sexual violence!

part of's campaign, in support of Jane Doe of Steubenville

part of’s campaign, in support of Jane Doe of Steubenville

You can also show your support by sending in a waist-up photo of yourself with a one- or two-sentenced message.  Email it to with “Stand Against Rape” in the subject line.

SWHK in Solidarity with Jane Doe!  Stop victim blaming!

14 Feb 2013: One Billion Rising (Hong Kong)

Finalised Details as Confirmed by Organiser

Happy Vday!

Time: Thursday, February 14, 2013, 8 -10 pm
Host: Rama Kulkarni
Location:statute square, in central

Join the Hong Kong event:
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Happy New Year!

As you may have heard, the victim of gang rape in India died due to the horrid injuries sustained. There have been mass actions in India, and in support of the victim and those taking action, people in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia etc have organised their own protests or candlelight vigils at Indian embassies and consulate. Please start or join one of these actions if you can. Also, please hold your own vigil and send a pic to the Indian embassy/consulate near you; SWHK’s is below.


Please do sign this petition and forward it to friends and family:

Hope that 2013 brings an improvement to the situation of women in, not only India, but all around the world; let’s keep up the fight for equality!



Updated list of Press Mentions for SWHK/蕩婦遊行 2012

Here is an updated list of Press Mentions for SWHK/蕩婦遊行 2012.  Last but not least on the list is the fabulous article written by Ming Yeung at China Daily.

Chinese-language Articles on SWHK 2012:

English-language Articles on SWHK 2012: (An Editorial putting down Slutwalk, showing the rape myths prevalent in society.  The response to this, in the form of an op-ed article, is available in our 5 Dec 2012 post.) or

Response to SCMP’s earlier editorial bashing SlutWalk: ” No skirting around sexual violence issue”

The original opposite-of-editorial (op-ed) article is located here:

This is a short response to the editorial (“SlutWalk protests need to consider common sense”, November 29).

The views expressed in the editorial are overly simplistic, and despite statements to the contrary, the message comes across as victim-blaming.

There is the assumption that the problem is just a criminal one, that of “bad people”, while victims should just remember not to remain silent and inform the police.

I would just like to clarify a few points here.

Perpetrators of sexual violence are usually known to the victims as family or acquaintances, not some stereotypically sex-starved strangers.

The legal system does not favour victims of sexual violence, and they are often told not to pursue the cases and/or suffer second victimisation.

Women have been victimised wearing pyjamas, tracksuits, hijabs and all sorts of clothing; it is silly to suggest that sexual violence can be prevented by women having “more common sense” and dressing in a more socially acceptable fashion. The suggestion means that victims have somehow invited perpetrators to assault them. Rape is about power, not sex or clothing.

Victims do not deserve to be assaulted, even if they act or dress differently to others. Common sense should be that rape myths are ridiculous and sexual violence is never OK, not that we should all live in fear.

It is inappropriate to compare the theft of property to sexual violence; unlike property, women and our bodies are not objects. Your editorial illustrates why we need the SlutWalk movement.

Angie Ng, SlutWalk Hong Kong

More Pictures from SWHK 2012

*A selection of photos (credits available at the bottom of this page. each picture if named after its photographer/contributor).




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Photo Credits:

Circle Yuen:

Dan Gar:

Fu Yu

Mary Chan:

P.H. Yang:

Some Press Mentions for SWHK/蕩婦遊行 2012

Chinese-language Articles on SWHK 2012:

English-language Articles on SWHK 2012: (An Editorial putting down Slutwalk, showing the rape myths prevalent in society.  The response to this, in the form of an op-ed article, is available in our 5 Dec 2012 post above.)