Lai Tung-Kwok’s comments have gone global as an example of officials blaming victims. Our official take on this, as given in a statement to AFP by Angie, is that: “Secretary Lai’s statement reveals how pervasive rape myths are in the government and society at large. The fact that rapists are acquainted with victims is nothing new to those carrying out research in this field, fighting sexual violence and/or working with victims. The construction of rapists as deranged, sex-starved strangers who attack women in dark alleyways is just a rape myth used to invoke fear in women and control our bodies. Another rape myth illustrated by his comments is that victims bring rape on themselves; in reality, rapists are the ones who choose to rape and hence cause it. There needs to be a shift away from blaming victims and trying to control women to questioning why society does not do more to prevent people from raping others and supporting victims.”

For a link to the original article posted by Noreen Mir on our Facebook page as well as a photo shared by PassionTimes comparing blaming victims for ‘drinking too much’ to wearing ‘sexy clothing’, please continue reading!

Photo posted on SWHK's FB page by Noreen Mir.

Photo posted on SWHK’s FB page by Noreen Mir.


Photo shared publicly on FB by Passiontimes.

Photo shared publicly on FB by Passiontimes.