Time: Nov 15 (Friday) 8pm
Location: Lan Kwai Fong, Central
Form: Protesters will wear a box with sexual violence facts, for people to read; speeches; chanting; giving out flyers
Gathering: 7.45pm, at Central station exit D1
Organisers: Slutwalk Hong Kong, Socialist Action
Attend: Legislative councilor Leung Kwok Hung (Longhair)
Contact: 9418 9988 Sally

This year will be the 3rd year SlutWalk Hong Kong has taken place, as part of the international SlutWalk movement which originated in Canada.  Slutwalk Hong Kong is going to Lan Kwai Fong to have a protest action as a promotion of the 2013 march (Nov 24 will be Slutwalk).  Legislative councilor Longhair is also coming to support this protest action.

Sexual violence against women has become more serious in Hong Kong and internationally, and the ideology of victim blaming, too. In May this year, the secretary for Security Lai Tung-Kwok said “Young women should avoid drinking too much”, when there was a shocking 60% increase in the number of rapes over the same period last year. We must say, “Rapists and rape culture are the cause of rape!”

(Please Note: A Chinese version of this press release has also been distributed.)