Gearing Up for SWHK2012

We’ve been gearing up for the march this Sunday with activities, from going to Pride, having a discussion BBQ and then weekend camp.

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Hope to see you all this Sunday as we march and say NO to victim blaming and sexual violence!


Picture: from SWHK2012 weekend camp


Anti-480’s Free Self-defense Class! 11 Aug 2012

Time: 2pm-4:30pm
Address: Unit 405-410,Kin Man House, Oi Man Estate, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon

Activities: Wing Chun Self-defense Practice, Visit Anti-480 Resouce Centre, and Free Guided tour for Art Exhibition on Sexuality.

Tutor: Queenie Law, Wing Chun Coach
Enrollment is on first come, first served basis.

The Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women
(Anti480 – Anti Sexual Violence Resource Centre)

Pictures from SWHK’s June events

Thank you to all the friends and supporters who showed up for our intimate forum and pub night 😀 Thank you also to Consider the Trouble, the Feminist Bookstore, for hosting the forum. Below are a couple of photos:

Happy International Women’s Day!

Two pieces of news for this special day:

(1) The amazing artist, Noel Wilson, has presented SWHK with an art display (and also book) to be used for educational purposes around Hong Kong. This has been donated to the Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women in support of their awareness-raising efforts.

(2) There’s going to be a multi-NGO rally at 7:30 pm at Times Square (in Causeway Bay) tonight (March 8). Please go and show support for the fight against sexism and racism in Hong Kong!