Our Story

“Changing language is part of the process of changing the world.” – Freire

SlutWalk Hong Kong was born after news about SlutWalk Toronto and SlutWalk London reached the then-research student, Angie Ng, in 2011. As someone who had experienced sexual assault and victim blaming first hand in Hong Kong, she felt that the city needed a SlutWalk to raise awareness about the issues and help change social attitudes so that victims would receive support and care, rather than blame and ridicule.
She then gathered a group of friends, acquaintances and supporters and started preparing for the first SlutWalk Hong Kong march, which was held in December 2011.
Since then, SlutWalk Hong Kong has taken place annually – with a break in 2015 – in order to keep the discussion going and continue raising awareness through social media, media outlets and word of mouth. This has only been possible thanks to the support of organisers, volunteers, speakers, student journalists, marchers and others in Hong Kong who believe in the message of SlutWalk.

The Founder

We’re proud that our founder, Angie Ng PhD, was named one of the BBC’s 100 inspirational and innovative women for 2017. Born in Toronto, Canada, she is a permanent resident of Hong Kong and splits her time between Hong Kong and various places. Outside of Hong Kong, she travels, writes and speaks at events – she has volunteered for SlutWalk Toronto, organised SlutWalk Passau and attended SlutWalk Geneva in the past. She also continues to volunteer with various organisations, as she has done since her time as an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto.

Additional Activities

In order to keep the discussion going throughout the year, SlutWalk Hong Kong welcomes supporters to join the bi-monthly discussion group via one or both of these private groups:
If would like to invite us to speak at your event or volunteer for SlutWalk Hong Kong, please email slutwalkhongkong@gmail.com.
For more information about the SlutWalk movement, please continue below.

The Background

(via SlutWalk Toronto) Slutwalk
運動在加拿大多倫多開始,起源於一個警務人員的一句令人震驚的聲明:“為了不成為受害人,女性穿著應避免不羈。” 自從在2011年4月3日在多倫多成功舉行的第一個 Slutwalk後,這運動現已經蔓延在世界各地,包括布宜諾斯艾利斯,洛杉磯,倫敦,柏林和約翰內斯堡。
“SlutWalk began in Toronto in February of 2011. It began because a few people had had ENOUGH of victim-blaming, of slut-shaming and sexual profiling. We had enough of being angry, wanting better education, awareness and treatment and not seeing more about it. …Now, months later Satellite SlutWalks are happening across many different communities, different cities, different countries and with different people.” These SlutWalks are founded by people in their own cities who feel the need to publicly challenge sexual violence.
“SlutWalk is about expressing our unity, fighting to shed the stereotypes and myths of sexual assault and supporting a better understanding of why sexual violence happens, supporting victims and survivors, and putting the blame where it belongs: on those who perpetrate it.”

What’s a “slut”?

Yeah, what does “slut” mean anyway? Anybody who steps out of the rules of patriarchy is called “slut”.
Like many other walks, this walk will bring together not only feminists, but also progressive people from a variety of backgrounds, in order to protest victim blaming in general. This walk is not only for survivors of sexual assault or only for women who have been called “sluts” but also for anyone who is sick of victim blaming and wants to help make this world a more egalitarian place.
Why do labels such as (but not limited to) the undocumented migrant, the poor hotel maid, the single mom struggling to survive, the party girl, the LGBT community member, the prostitute and the slut disqualify some from being considered victims of sexual assault and other crimes? Each and every one of these labels needs to be challeneged! These stereotypes cause many victims all over the world to blame themselves and/or not report the crimes against them. Even when these crimes are reported, authorities may register the victims to be at fault. Is it fair that perpetrators can walk around in broad daylight while victims feel they need to hide in the corner and live with their pain alone… or even sit in jail? NO!

General Guidelines

(via SlutWalk Toronto)

* SlutWalk is impassioned and angry but not about hate, and we try not use hateful language.

* Refer to sexual assault, not solely rape, as many are not included in the ideas and definitions of “rape”.

* Do not frame sexual assault as something solely done by men to women.

* SlutWalk aims to challenge the word ‘slut’ AND other degrading words around sexuality and sexual assault in their current mainstream use. We see language as an integral part of victim-blaming and slut- and sex-shaming and something that needs to be discussed. SlutWalk aims to reappropriate the word “slut” to use it in a subversive, self-defining, positive, empowering and respectful way.

* Sexual violence is a gendered crime because women and girls are most often the targets of sexual violence and hateful language around it and men are most often the perpetrators, but all genders are affected. SlutWalk recognizes all gender expressions as those that have been and can be negatively impacted. All genders are welcomed to SlutWalk and can be sluts or allies.

* Some communities/people are at a higher risk of sexual assault than others based on their race, status, work, ability, access, gender expression, identity, and a variety of other factors. We aim to recognize this and come together, in all our diversity, as people who are all affected and unite to fight against it. Not everyone’s experience of sexual violence is the same and many factors could be involved in how people experience sexual violence and how they are treated in the world, and this should be recognized. Engage in dialogue with groups and communities that will help include many diverse voices in your event.

* Use inclusive and respectful language when discussing the diversity of people affected like: men/women and all gender expressions, racialized communities, people of colour, people of different abilities, etc.

* SlutWalk is an impassioned and peaceful stance that aims to engage others in dialogue.


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