TGR x SWHK: Our Voices, Our Stories


Please join us for an evening of sharing and discussion with writers from the Trangender Resource Center (TGR) and SlutWalk Hong Kong (SWHK) communities. Writers, including the founders of TGR (Joanne) and SWHK (Angie), will be reading their own work. Funds raised will benefit the TGR – thank you for your support.

Seating is limited, so please get a ticket via eventbrite:

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Look foward to seeing you there!



SlutWalk Hong Kong 2018


This year’s SlutWalk Hong Kong will be held on Sunday 2 December. We will be meeting at 3 pm in front of the Court of Final Appeal. Please email me if you’d like to volunteer, join us as a group or come support us as a member of the media.




Bi-Monthly Meetup Group


Since 2011, we’ve been marching annually to raise awareness about sexual violence and victim blaming.  After hearing from volunteers that it would be nice to have a regular meetup, SlutWalk Hong Kong has started a meetup group.  It is a safe space for intersectional, feminist discussion and sharing.  The idea is that each event is going to feature a speaker or article/book as a springboard for discussion.  Please join our group on either or Facebook.  Events will be posted to both groups.

SlutWalk Hong Kong

Hong Kong, HK
21 Members

Since 2011, we’ve been marching annually to raise awareness about sexual violence and victim blaming. Now we’ve started a meetup group, which is a safe space for intersectiona…

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In April 2018, we had our first meetup, which brought together a small-but-diverse group of individuals, and we talked about how SlutWalk Hong Kong could reach a larger number of people with its message. I really appreciated everyone’s feedback at that meetup.

If you would like to volunteer as a facilitator for one of these events, share your experiences and/or be a speaker, please email me at  If you have any other ideas, please also get in touch.

I look forward to seeing you at one of the events.


P.S. I forgot to take a photo at our first meetup – the above photo was from one of our events in 2012. 🙂

Being a Guest on the 123 Show

Last month, I was a guest on Noreen Mir’s 123 Show, which is a programme on RTHK 3 that is broadcasted over lunchtime.  It was a pleasure talking to Noreen, who pointed out that I had previously mentioned her in a blog post.

In 2013, Noreen had posted an article about Lai Tung-Kwok’s request that “women not drink too much” to avoid being raped on SlutWalk Hong Kong’s Facebook page.  I then mentioned this in my blog post here:


On the show, we talked about a variety of related topics, including how I started SlutWalk Hong Kong, why Hong Kong needs a SlutWalk, backlash the #MeToo movement has received (and how this backlash can be seen as a sign that those supporting to old gender hierarchy are feeling threatened), and BBC’s 100 Women list.  It’s definitely a good thing that sexual harassment and sexual violence are being discussed by so many people around the world.

From the show’s website: “On today’s 123 show we talk to Angie Ng, the founder of Slutwalk Hong Kong. Angie, who was named one of the BBC’s 100 inspirational and innovative women for 2017, shares her advocacy for opposing violence against women.”

Here is a link to this episode:

Here is a link to the post about BBC’s 100 Women 2017:

BBC’s The Conversation

I recently had the honour of being one of the guests on an episode of BBC’s The Conversation.  The episode is called Women Reclaiming Their Streets, and I’ve taken a screenshot from their website:

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 13.58.40.png

It was wonderful to speak with a feminist activist in another part of the world and share thoughts and experiences.  We agreed that it’s empowering for women to stand up together and speak about their lives.  We also talked about how different forms of feminist activism are just different tools within our “feminist toolbox,” and that the more tools we have, the better.  This episode, as the title suggets, is also about women reclaiming their right to be in public places without having to fit social standards, such as being pleasant and smiley.  Instead, we should feel free to be angry about social injustice and voice our own thoughts and opinions.

In this episode, “Krupa Padhy meets two women who have tackled violence against women head-on, by organising eye-catching and sometimes controversial street protests.”  The other guest is Finn Mackay, “one of the UK’s most influential feminist activists. She founded the London Feminist Network in 2004, the same year that she revived the Reclaim the Night marches….”

Here is a link to this episode:


Some Articles and Photos from SWHK 2017

My apologies for neglecting to post more on our website.  I’ve been posting most of our content on Facebook instead, and so I’ve now updated the website to include a preview of our Facebook posts on the side.  Below is a collage of some of the photos from our march in 2017, followed by the press coverage we received.  Thank you for your support!






BBC’s 100 Women 2017

SlutWalk Hong Kong is proud to share that Dr. Angie Ng, the founder of SlutWalk Hong Kong, has been included in BBC’s 100 Women 2017 list.

Here is the link to the original BBC article (she’s face #89 on their facewall): BCC’s 100 Women 2017.  Here is the link to the Apple Daily article about this (in Chinese): Apple Daily and BCC’s 100 Women 2017.

Here is a message from Angie:

A big thank you to all past and present supporters, marchers, organisers and volunteers. We’ve been marching together since 2011, and it’s wonderful to see that more and more people around the world are talking about sexual harassment and sexual violence.  Let’s continue to raise awareness about the issues and fighting victim blaming!

Articles etc from SWHK 2016


Here are a few articles/photo essays from this year’s SlutWalk Hong Kong.


Through Our Lens:我要性自主,不要性暴力!香港蕩婦遊行2016照片集


Hong Kong Slut Walk Draws Many In Effort To Rid City Of Sexual Assault

For more articles and pictures, please visit our Facebook page:



新聞稿 2016

隸屬於國際蕩婦遊行運動(International SlutWalk Movement)的「香港蕩婦遊」(SlutWalk Hong Kong) 來到第五屆。香港獨立英文新聞網站《HKFP》曾報導,香港大學的性騷擾罪行並不罕見,卻鮮有傳 媒的關注與報導。直至今天,不論是香港或其他先進國家,性侵犯、性騷擾、強姦,甚至是社會對性 侵受害者的指責依舊存在,這亦是蕩婦遊行運動所針對的議題。

近日私營殘疾人士院舍「康橋之家」前負責人張建華性侵案,法庭因未能接納心理年齡只僅有 8 歳的 受害者的證詞,案件最終被撒回控訴。前負責人張建華更異常地於顯身於媒體前,稱受害人「誘惑他」, 並把罪責歸咎於智障受害人的妄想。是次性侵案令全港市民感到憤怒,針對社會福利署和政府總部的 遊行集會超過兩千人參與,抗議政府對私營安老院與殘疾人士院舍的監管失效,未能有效保障老年人 或精神殘疾人士,以致性暴力或其他虐待行徑持續地發生。

另外,早前一名酒吧老闆涉嫌迷姦一名女客戶,法醫發現女士體內及酒杯殘留鎮靜劑,內褲及陰道外 亦有老闆精液。然而,他最後卻只被判處 240 小時社會服務令。這是由於法官認為被告「有企業家頭 腦,不想判刑摧毀其事業」。這些案件都說明了香港仍然需要加強性侵犯、強姦與社會對性侵受害者 責的認知與關注,以避免日後相同案件出現。

1. 支持性侵受害者,停止向女性施暴!
2. 成立獨立調查委員會對康橋之家性侵案作出調查,委員會成員需包括受害者及其家人、智障人士
3. 護理院舍服務全面公營,停止私有化,大幅增加公共院舍服務,確保有保障的院舍條件,捍衛殘

日期:2016 年 10 月 30 日(星期日)
時間:下午 2 時
聯絡:鄧美晶 9418 9988 / Angie Ng (English) 6110 0315
參與團體:社會主義行動、社會民主連線、外勞團體 Gabriella、紫藤、學生組織 FEMPO、跨性別權 益會