Last month, I was a guest on Noreen Mir’s 123 Show, which is a programme on RTHK 3 that is broadcasted over lunchtime.  It was a pleasure talking to Noreen, who pointed out that I had previously mentioned her in a blog post.

In 2013, Noreen had posted an article about Lai Tung-Kwok’s request that “women not drink too much” to avoid being raped on SlutWalk Hong Kong’s Facebook page.  I then mentioned this in my blog post here:


On the show, we talked about a variety of related topics, including how I started SlutWalk Hong Kong, why Hong Kong needs a SlutWalk, backlash the #MeToo movement has received (and how this backlash can be seen as a sign that those supporting to old gender hierarchy are feeling threatened), and BBC’s 100 Women list.  It’s definitely a good thing that sexual harassment and sexual violence are being discussed by so many people around the world.

From the show’s website: “On today’s 123 show we talk to Angie Ng, the founder of Slutwalk Hong Kong. Angie, who was named one of the BBC’s 100 inspirational and innovative women for 2017, shares her advocacy for opposing violence against women.”

Here is a link to this episode:

Here is a link to the post about BBC’s 100 Women 2017: