Becca (and Angie) will be doing 30-60 minutes of unchoreographed dancing to music and passing out flyers. Please join if you’d like. Here is our schedule:

Monday (28) – Kowloon Tong, 4:30 pm (outside the main entrance of Festival Walk).
Tuesday (29) – TST, outside of Harbour City just in front of the Star Ferry pier, 2:00 pm.
Wednesday (30) – Central, Staunton St. escalators, 5:30 pm (heading to the poster party after!).
Thursday (1) – Mongkok, outside of Langham Place, 2 pm (main entrance, outside
Friday (2) – Causeway Bay, on East Point Road beside Sogo, 2 pm.

You’ll be able to recognise Becca (and Angie) since Becca’s in the photos from the RainLily walk and Angie’s in the photos below from the RTHK interview. 😀